UProfit Review 2024

UProfit Review 2024 The popularity of proprietary trading firms is on the rise, a result of their undisputedly attractive basis: offering traders access to capital with which to trade in financial markets. Most prop firms have a similar foundation, but you’ll find subtle differences in how they work as each firm tries to set itself […]

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Elite Trader Funding

Elite Trader Funding Review 2024

Elite Trader Funding Review 2024 Elite Trader Funding is proprietary trading firm established in 2022 by Kanwal Singh, Clint Chaney and Eric and located in Delaware, United States. The firm is well-regarded, having been reviewed by 157-day traders worldwide on Trustpilot, and their customer support is responsive. The futures prop firm gives traders access to

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TickTick Trader Review

TickTick Trader Review 2024

TickTick Trader Review 2024 TickTick Trader is a distinguished proprietary trading firm, renowned for their advanced approach and commitment to their traders. The firm provides a series of challenges through which traders can qualify for funding, and ensures they have all the resources they might need to succeed. There is no minimum trading day requirement,

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FundedNext review

FundedNext Review 2024

FundedNext is a proprietary hedge fund, established on 18 March 2022, with workplaces in the UAE, USA, UK, and Bangladesh. They aim to offer their traders an open trading climate through two different financing models, giving traders up to $4,000,000 and up to 90% benefits. The FundedNext platform collaborates with Eightcap as their broker.

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LeseUp Review 2024

LeseUp Review 2024 Funded trading is a ground-breaking initiative that enables futures traders to access significant trading capital without putting their personal savings at risk. LeseUp Trading is an industry-leading provider of funded futures accounts, committed to helping traders meet their profit targets using its proprietary program. In this comprehensive guide we’ll look at everything

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Leeloo Trading

Leeloo Trading Review 2024

Leeloo Trading Review 2024 Leeloo Trading is a proprietary firm specialising in funded accounts in the futures market. This prop firm is ideal for driven and motivated traders that are looking to improve their skills. They are very reputable and well known in the industry. In this Leeloo Trading review, we will provide insight on

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Purdia Capital

Purdia Capital Review 2024

Purdia Capital Review 2024 Founded in 2022, Purdia Capital has emerged as a fresh figure in the futures proprietary trading sector, and their attractive, innovative approach makes them well worth exploring. The firm provides qualified traders with the opportunity to access funded futures trading accounts. For newer traders, what really sets this platform apart is

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SurgeTrader Review 2024

SurgeTrader is a US-based prop firm located in Naples, Florida and has been operating since 2021. They have set themselves apart by offering straightforward rule and wide range of financial instruments. SurgeTrader is looking to fund competent traders who can demonstrate their skills and discipline. If that describes you, then keep reading.

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EverTrader Review 2024

EverTrader was established in January 2022 and gave a select number of traders who had passed their phase evaluation access to trade on an EverTrader Account for their partner company. The company is now looking for talented traders with more expertise and a knowledge of risk management. They will receive EverTrader Accounts with a balance of up to $200,000. The Prop firm offers first-rate education to traders depending on their years of expertise. They also provide professional support seven days a week, professional tools in EverTrader’s platform, and professional data tools for spotting trading chances in addition to EverAccounts and splitting earnings up to 90%.

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FXIFY Review 2024

FXIFY Review 2024 FXIFY is a proprietary trading firm that offers skilled traders and investors who successfully complete a set of trading assessments access to proprietary funds of up to $400,000. Traders receive a profit share of up to 90% and can scale their account up to $4 million. There are two different assessment programs

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