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EverTrader is a prop trading firm that has already helped thousands of ambitious traders. The company was co-founded by a professional trader and investor named Dominik Kovarik. Since 2015, Dominik has been providing training to 11000 investors and traders.

EverTrader was established in January 2022 and gave a select number of traders who had passed their phase evaluation access to trade on an EverTrader Account for their partner company. The company is now looking for talented traders with more expertise and a knowledge of risk management. They will receive EverTrader Accounts with a balance of up to $200,000. The Prop firm offers first-rate education to traders depending on their years of expertise. They also provide professional support seven days a week, professional tools in EverTrader’s platform, and professional data tools for spotting trading chances in addition to EverAccounts and splitting earnings up to 90%.

The company solves the main problem of traders- under-capitalization. They aim to identify talented traders with strong risk management skills. Thus, the prop firm offers their traders three main solutions:

1) The established controls set immediately in the EverTrader evaluation program help people learn to focus on managing risk.

2) When a trader does not put their own capital at risk in the market and is not liable for losses, it eases a certain amount of psychological tension during trading.

3) It addresses the issue of low capital by offering funded account all the way up to $200,000 in capital with the option of growing it over time.

So how does EverTrader 2-phase evaluation work? The objective of the 1st phase is to follow the regulations and make the targeted profit. The phase must be completed within 30 days. 

The trader validates their consistency in the second stage. Compared to the 1st phase, the trading rules are much simpler. Although the profit target is less and the trading term may last as long as 60 days, the objective is to adhere to the same types of principles. After the phase-two evaluation is complete, the traders can begin earning real money.

If you demonstrate you can reach the trading target while following our risk management rules, you can trade up to $200,000 (scalable up to $1,000,000). The strategy and trading style are entirely up to you.

Phase 1

In the first phase, the goal is to stick to the rules and reach the profit target. You have up to 30 days to finish the phase. We require a minimum of 5 trading days. And the best of all? You will get back 100% of your registration fee.

Profit target: 10%

Phase 2

In the second phase you confirm your consistency. The trading rules are much easier than in the first. The goal is to follow the same rules, but the profit target is lower, and the trading period can be up to 60 days. Again, a minimum of 5 trading days is required.

Profit target: 5%

Once you have passed the Evaluation successfully, you are eligible to trade with up to $200,000 and keep 80-90% of the profit. The best part? All losses are covered by us. If you are consistent, we will improve your conditions according to the Progressive Plan

EverTrader offers industry leading conditions with the fastest time to refund your fee! The exact same rules for everyone.

* One-time refundable fee (no monthly fees). This fee is fully refundable right after Phase 1 for accounts up to $50,000. For Expert accounts $100,000 and $200,000 the fee is refundable with the first Payout.

Something worth mentioning is the 100% refund of trader’s fee after Phase 1. When most of the prop firms will get your refund only after with the first payout, EverTrader has decided to give traders their money back faster. EverTrader is most probably one of the only Trading Prop firm in the industry that will refund 100% of traders fee right after Phase 1. Guaranteed. Why? After you manage to pass Phase 1 the company knows that the collaboration looks promising. Therefore, to appreciate your efforts, the prop firm will refund your fee right after Phase 1 for accounts up to $50,000. For Expert accounts of $100,000 and $200,000 the fee is fully refundable with the first payout.

Start trading lightning fast! 

EverTrader provides you with the trading platform (MetaTrader4) and your trading account within 60 seconds after joining. Trade with an SFSA – regulated broker Purple Trading SC and place your first order under a minute.

You will trade on the most widespread MetaTrader 4 platform.

 Trade on a trading platform used by millions of traders, MetaTrader 4. This trading platform is available for PC, Mac and Android. And, if you are not around your own computer or mobile, simply open a browser-based version of MetaTrader (Web Trader) directly from EverTrader.

After joining their program, you will receive the platform and trading credentials within 60 seconds.

The prop firm strives for long-term relationship between the traders and the company. If EverTrader sees that you are consistent in the long-term, they will continuously increase your account size according to their Progressive Plan. In other words, the company will bump your profit split to 90%. This way, you can trade up to $1 million with a profit split of 90%.

EverTrader knows that payouts are the most important parts of prop firm/traders’ collaboration. The company puts every effort into ensuring traders get paid within 24 hours after a payout request. You can manage all your payouts directly within the EverTrader platform.

The EverTrader Analyst application is full of real-time, unusual market data and tools that helps traders find trading opportunities for both intraday and swing traders. Because the prop firm wants to see traders succeed, they provide traders with EverTrader Analyst entirely for free. Always stay one step ahead by making use of power of data.

Uncover unusual market activity and find trade ideas and opportunities. Get ahead of the game by harnessing the power of trading data.

EverTrader Trading Journal is the best teacher for becoming a better funded trader. Attach screenshots of the setups, make notes on all your trades, and even replay the development of your trades. Tag your setups and mistakes to find out where your strengths and weaknesses are.

The EverTrader Trading Journal will become your sparring partner and will help you sharpen your trading skills by analysing your trading history.

  • Leverage and instruments: Get Leverage up to 1:100 and trade stocks, stock indices, forex, or commodities withno position size limit.
  • No limits: Trade with the strategies and trading style that suits you. Hold trades overnight, over the weekend, through the news and even use EA’s.
  • Refundable fee: Get your one-time fee fully refundedright after Phase 1 for accounts up to $50,000 – and no recurring fees. For the Expert accounts the fee is fully refundable with the first payout.
  • No free trials.
  • Newly established prop firm.
  • Only runs sales occasionally.

EverTrader is a legit company and although it is a young upcoming player within the competitive prop trading industry, we have no doubt they will play a significant role within the space. As one of the only prop trading firms, EverTrader provides a refund of the registration fee for Evaluation immediately after the Phase 1 is completed and traders also gain access to their exclusive analytics app and Trading Journal.

EverTrader provides the funded EverAccount with up to $200,000 in capital. In addition to EverAccounts and sharing a profit split of up to 90%, the prop company provides professional support 7 days a week, professional trading tools in EverTrader’s own application, and unusual data for discovering trading opportunities.

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By purchasing the EverTrader Evaluation Program, you will gain access to our EverTrader application, which is divided into two parts: the EverTrader Analyst application and the EverTrader application.

You will also receive

login details for your MetaTrader 4/dxTrade account, allowing you to begin trading immediately.

It is important to note that access to our EverTrader Analyst App is free for the entire duration of the program.

EverTrader is a company dedicated to the recruitment of traders. We offer training and Evaluation services to traders of all experience levels. Upon successful Evaluation, traders may be offered a contract with a proprietary trading firm. They can then trade on a virtual EverAccount with up to USD 200,000 and receive 80-90% of the real profits generated on the virtual EverAccount.

In addition, EverTrader clients can use the MetaTrader 4/ dxTrade trading platform and our analytical application, EverTrader Analyst, to identify the best trading opportunities, detect unusual market activity, analyse executed trades and gain practical experience in risk management.

They also have access to our professional trading journal and expert support seven days a week.

If a trader is consistent, they can take advantage of the progressive plan, which increases their profit share up to 90% and the capital in the EverAccount up to $1 million.

Profits can be paid monthly or every 14 days.

To become an official EverTrader and receive 80-90% of your profits, you must successfully complete the EverTrader Evaluation Program.

This program consists of two phases and is designed to help you become a better trader and demonstrate that you can manage risk properly before you start trading with an EverAccount. The choice of strategy, trading style, and instruments (such as stocks, stock indices, forex, cryptocurrencies, and commodities) is entirely up to you. Our role is to verify your adherence to established risk management rules and your compliance.

During Phase 1, your objective is to achieve the profit target while following the risk management rules. There is no time limit to meet the requirements of this phase, but a minimum of three trading days is mandatory. Upon completion of all Phase 1 requirements, you will proceed to Phase 2.

The trading rules in Phase 2 are simpler than those in Phase 1. Your objective is to adhere to the same risk rules, but with a lower profit target. Additionally, there is no time limit for meeting the requirements. We also mandate a minimum of 3 trading days and at least 1 trade per month to demonstrate activity.

Upon fulfilling all requirements of this stage, a brokerage firm will offer you a contract. After signing, you will become an official EverTrader and receive a virtual EverAccount. This account entitles you to an 80-90% profit split, with payouts made either monthly or every 14 days.


To become an EverTrader, you must successfully complete our two-phase EverTrader Evaluation Program. Upon completion, you will be able to join the team of traders and trade on the EverAccount virtual account for a prop firm. You will receive 80% of real profits from your virtual profits, and with long-term profitable cooperation you can earn up to 90% profit share.

During Phase 1 and Phase 2 you will trade on a virtual demo account in a simulated real market environment.

If you demonstrate your ability to manage risk, maintain consistency and follow all the rules, you will become an official EverTrader and start earning real money.


The path to successful trading is challenging. Initially, traders may face difficulties due to limited capital. To generate a reasonable profit, traders with small capital may take excessive risks and trade impulsively. After experiencing a few unsuccessful trades, many new traders may feel anxious about losing their own money. They may also struggle with their own psyche, lack of discipline, and insufficient support from family and friends. Making a living from trading without sufficient capital, experience, and access to professional tools is challenging.

EverTrader project offers a comprehensive solution that includes access to professional tools, support throughout your journey, a trading platform, and the ability to manage an EverAccount up to $200,000. If you make a profit, you receive 80%, and the prop firm keeps 20%. With a long-term partnership, you can earn up to 90%.

Our program focuses primarily on risk because that’s the only thing traders can control. The EverTrader Evaluation Program is designed to help you manage risk correctly and become a better trader.

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