Fortunes Funding Review

Fortunes Funding is a proprietary trading firm providing traders with up to $300,000 in capital. This prop firm strives to not only benefit users’ earnings but provides a helpful and supportive environment. 

This firm takes pride in understanding that each trader has their own strategies, styles, and goals when it comes to their trading career. Fortunes Funding has set in place a platform that caters to all styles of traders. They have implemented a 2-tier evaluation process to help users reach their full potential. This process is broken down in 1-Phase and 2-Phase evaluations. During these evaluations, traders have the opportunity to showcase their skills and their understanding of the market trends and trading news. The goal of Fortunes Funding is not only for users to pass the evaluation but also to show discipline while making sound and logical trading decisions.

They have put in place a profit-sharing model that offers traders 80% of the profits to traders. This competitive platform encourages personal growth which in turn can lead to financial success.

One of the unique features of Fortunes Funding is their focus on leveraging the latest trading technology.

Below is a review of Fortunes Funding and the features provided by this proprietary firm. 

Fortunes Funding is a competitive prop firm that provides users the chance to manage up to $300,000 in capital. They create an encouraging environment that provides traders with the support they need to develop their own style while growing their investment capital.

They have put in place a team of successful and experienced traders who have an extensive understanding of the current market and all the challenges that might occur. This provides users with the support they need to become successful traders.

Fortunes Funding has implemented a platform that provides traders with advanced, state of the art technology. This platform provides the chance to grow through challenges both financially and personally. The fees associated with the 2-tier evaluation program are refundable as part of the profit split once a trader becomes funded. 

This platform supplies users with a variety of leverage options and trading instruments. Fortunes Funding accepts various payment methods including cryptocurrency. All payouts are done through Deel. Traders are given the opportunity to keep 80% of their profits. Traders of all levels and experience should strongly consider joining this proprietary firm.

Fortune Funding provides users with a platform that allows traders to grow through an evaluation process. This process gives traders the opportunity to display their unique methods while receiving the funding needed to grow financially. This 2-tier evaluation process is broken down into two parts, 1-phase challenge, and 2-phase challenge. Below is a breakdown of each of these challenges.

One Phase Challenge

In the 1-Phase challenge, traders have the ability to manage several accounts ranging from $5,000 to $200,000. This single-phase evaluation allows traders an unlimited amount of time to attain a 10% profit target. A minimum of one trading day is mandatory, implementing leverage of up to 1:30 for Forex. The 1-Phase challenge puts in place a model that leads traders to develop responsible trading strategies. It has put in place a maximum daily loss limit of 3% and maximum loss limit of 6% of the initial balance.

Two Phase Challenge

In the 2-Phase challenge, there is a required 2 step evaluation followed by a verification phase. Once the first phase is completed, traders move onto the second evaluation challenge. Once users reach the second phase, account sizes can grow up to $300,000. In order to succeed in this phase of the challenge, users must reach their profit target without any drawdown violations.

There is a 5% maximum daily loss and a maximum overall loss of 10% permitted in each step of this 2-phase evaluation process. These factors keep traders safe by not allowing equity to fall below 90% of initial account balance.  

In phase 1, the profit target goal is 9% and in phase 2 it is 4.5%. 

Once the 2-tier evaluation process is completed, traders become funded by Fortunes Funding. They officially become members and are responsible for their own trades. There is no target profit required and users are encouraged to trade mindfully and with caution. It is encouraged not to violate the drawdown rules previously implied at this stage. Maximum daily loss and maximum overall losses should not be breached.

The cost associated with this platform ranges depending on the account size and the challenge type. 

One Phase Challenge

In the 1 phase challenge, prices span from $65 to $975 with account sizes varying from $5,000-$200,000. Below is a breakdown for the 1 phase challenge.

  • $5,000 account costs $65
  • $10,000 account costs $105
  • $25,000 account costs $195
  • $50,000 account costs $295
  • $100,000 account costs $515
  • $200,000 account costs $975

Two Phase Challenge

In the 2-phase challenge, prices span from $69 to $1,419 with account sizes varying from $5,000 to $300,000. Below is a breakdown for the 2-phase challenge.

  • $5,000 account costs $69
  • $10,000 account costs $109
  • $25,000 account costs $179
  • $50,000 account costs $329
  • $100,000 account costs $479
  • $200,000 account costs $949
  • $300,000 account costs $1,419 (largest account size available)

Once the required challenges are met and funding is provided by Fortune Funding. Traders will be refunded on their initial challenge fee as part of their first profit split. This factor benefits the user and makes Fortune Funding a very desirable platform for traders of all levels.

The prop firm wants their traders to access the maximum capital possible. After 3 months of trading, if you have accumulated 6%, or more profits on your Funded Account, and processed a minimum of 2 withdrawals in the 3-month period, you are able to scale your account balance by 25%! This can be done every 3 months.

A wide range of trading instruments are provided by Fortune Funding. They use the ThinkMarkets Trading Platform. These tools are available at each phase of a trader’s journey.

Below are the various instruments available to traders:

  • Forex Pairs and Metals: Forex pairs and metals ending with “x” for example “EURUSDx” forex pair or “XAUUSDx for metals are tradeable.
  • Major Indices: No particular suffix associated
  • Oil Instruments: Offered to traders. Do no carry specific suffix
  • Cryptocurrencies: Pairs can be traded. No unique suffix.

Fortune Funding presents traders with a wide range of trading instruments providing them with flexibility and the opportunity to implement their own trading style based on their market insight. As a result, decisions can be made based on each individual’s trading goals. 

Fortune Funding uses various financial instruments to provide leverage funding. Below is a breakdown of the leverage offerings available.

  • Forex pairs: 1:100 leverage
  • Gold & Commodities: 1:50 leverage
  • Indices: 1:50 leverage
  • Crypto in Challenge Accounts: 1:2 leverage
  • Crypto in Funded Accounts: 1:1 leverage.

This proprietary financial firm accepts a variety of payment methods such as credit cards and cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, USDC (ERC-20), Ethereum (ERC-20), DAI (ERC-20) and DOGE. To avoid any payment loss, it is important to any cryptocurrency payments within an hour of the Coinbase invoice time. 

Fortunes Funding has formed a partnership with ThinkMarkets. Think Markets is a reputable brokerage firm and electronic trading platform that attracts a wide range of forex traders due the easy navigation and efficiency.

Fortune Funding has put into place a clear and concise payout process through Deel. Each trader must actively participate for at least 21 days before the first payout can be requested. Once the first payout has been made, a 21-day cycle from the first trade day must be maintained. Bi-weekly payouts are available for traders with scaled accounts. All positions and requests must be closed prior to the first payout request, accounts transfer to read only at this stage. Identity verification is requested prior to any payout. This provides a secure and safe environment for users. Fortune Funding has implemented a set of rules and obligations that must be respected by their community. 

Fortunes Funding is committed to the growth of traders. Through competitive profit sharing, they give users the opportunity to keep 80% of profits. In other words, profit split will be 80% to the trader 20% to the company.

Fortunes Funding provides a FAQ section that contains the educational tools and possible inquiries traders might have as they learn and grow. They have also put into place a dedicated team who can answer more detailed questions or provide assistance to any user. The amazing team at Fortunes Funding takes pride in their 24-hour response time. 

Fortunes Funding has achieved incredible ratings on Trustpilot. They earned 4.4/ 5 stars based on the feedback of 352 users. This rating is proof that Fortunes Funding provides traders with a high-quality platform. Some of the features most appreciated by users are customer service support, pricing structures, user friendly platform and easy payout system. James, CEO of Fortunes Funding is an active member of the community and his commitment to this firm does not go unnoticed. 

Fortunes Funding takes pride in their commitment to the growth and development of traders. While providing an incredible platform, they provide users with a funded account leaderboard. This leaderboard is set in place to inspire and motivate users. It also demonstrates the endless possibilities and successes that could come with this opportunity through hard work and dedication.

Fortunes Funding has a heavy social media presence. It is very active on Discord and highly encourages real time interactions between traders and the firm. This creates a sense of community and a shared platform designed for the endless growth of traders.

The answer is YES. Fortunes Funding is a proprietary trading firm with a proven track record. They have earned a 4.4 /5-star rating from 352 users on Trustpilot. By presenting traders with the opportunity to keep 80% of profit shares this firm becomes highly competitive in the field. Fortunes Funding has also created a sense of community amongst all users.

They have put in place a 2-tier evaluation process. It was set in place to allow traders to develop and utilise their unique trading style. They motivate traders by offering them up to $300,000 of capital to manage. Payouts are easy and done through Deel. The initial challenge fee is also refunded once the challenge is completed making it desirable for users. 

Fortunes Funding provides users with a variety of trading instruments. These instruments are put into place to facilitate the experience and to assure traders are always up to date with current news and events. With a 24-hour customer support team in place, Fortunes Funding is always ready to assist you.

  • Up to $300,000 could be managed by traders
  • 2 tier evaluation process in place catering to many trading styles
  • 80% profit share
  • Up to date trading technology and apps
  • Refundable challenge fees after first profit split
  • Multiple payment methods available including cryptocurrencies
  • High rating on Trustpilot
  • EA’s permitted
  • Positions can be held over the weekend
  • High challenge participation fees for larger accounts
  • 21-day minimum active participation period required before first payout
  • Low leverage for certain trading instruments, for example cryptocurrencies

In conclusion, it is evident that Fortunes Funding is a highly reputable proprietary trading firm. It provides the tools needed to foster the growth of traders while allowing them to showcase their own individual trading styles. It creates opportunities for traders of all levels.

The flexible 2 tier evaluation process set in place enables users to utilise their unique trading styles. Fortunes Funding takes pride in guaranteeing the latest and greatest in financial trading instruments while providing real time data to traders.  

One of the most unique features of Fortunes Funding is their competitive profit-sharing model. Traders have the opportunity to receive 80% of their profits. This astronomical profit share entices traders’ growth and decision to become a member of Fortunes Funding.

Although at first participation fees seem high, potential users must keep in mind that these fees are refundable after the first profit split. This reduces the financial risk for the trader. Traders are required to be active for 21 days before being eligible to receive the first payout. Certain leverage numbers might be low due to these reasons.

Fortunes Funding platform does present a few areas of potential concern to users but when taking a closer look, it is clear the pros outweigh the cons. They have achieved a high rating on Trustpilot proving the quality of services they provide to their users. Another benefit of this firm is their ability to accept a wide range of payment methods including cryptocurrencies.

It is clear that Fortunes Funding has implemented a user friendly, consistent, reliable platform for traders. This platform provides users with the opportunity of endless growth. They provide traders with significant capital and an active trading community. This exceptional financial proprietary firm is a great choice for all levels of traders.

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