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FundedNext revamps its Stellar Challenge, with faster payouts and more trader benefits

FundedNext, an important name in the world of prop trading, is shaking things up with a significant upgrade of their popular 1-Step Stellar Challenge, with features that will have many traders excited.

The prop firm has slashed payout times from 14 days to just five, enabling traders to get their rewards faster and in doing so setting a new industry standard. The minimum trading day requirement has also been lowered, from five days down to two, giving traders more flexibility to adapt to fast-moving markets and capitalise on opportunities.

What’s more, FundedNext has boosted traders’ profit shares to 90%, a substantial increase from where it used to be at 80%. They’re clearly serious about rewarding their traders and setting a new bar for profit-sharing in the prop trading world.

These changes not only make the 1-Step Stellar Challenge even more attractive for traders, but also serve to underscore FundedNext’s position as an industry leader, placing a strong emphasis on speed, flexibility and generous profit shares. The recent updates make sure traders have the edge they need to thrive in the ever-changing forex market. If you’re looking for a prop firm that values your time, adapts to your needs and puts more money in your pocket, FundedNext is a compelling proposition.


Who are FundedNext?

FundedNext provide forex traders with as much as $300,000 in funding with which to trade, opening the door to a serious income and growth potential. They offer four different funding programs: The Evaluation Model, Express Model, 1-Step Stellar Challenge and the 2-Step Stellar Challenge.

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