How to Use SIM Fills Ethically

How to Use SIM Fills Ethically

Topstep is regarded to be a reputable prop trading firm that helps traders with the financial funding necessary for them to expand on their trading ventures and open doors for higher returns.

Among many services, Topstep prepares traders for the rigorous live market. Thus, Topstep isn’t keen on those who want to cheat by explicitly taking advantage of the simulated environment to be a step ahead of their program. The firm threatens penal measurements would be taken if abuse of the system is suspected.

What Violates Topstep’s Terms of Service ? 

Prohibitions set by Topstep include the following: 

  • Using “scalping” methods to exploit irrational fills in the SIM environment.
  • Executing hundreds of quick trades in SIM to benefit from a preferred queue position.
  • Making rash transactions in gapped markets in an attempt to profit from errant fills, which are unlikely in live markets.
  • Frequently taking advantage of the simulator’s relative lack of “slippage” to accomplish impractical stop-loss execution.
  • Utilizing auto-breakeven or tight brackets to capitalize on advantageous fills.

Rather than coming here to make a quick buck, the great majority of our funded traders are here to learn and strive toward consistent prosperity. The above-mentioned behaviors are deliberate and typically entail hundreds or even thousands of deals per day (with an average time measured in seconds, not minutes).

TopStep wants their coaches, risk managers, and specialists to be aiding traders, not watching their every move. The futures Prop trading firm’s goal is to make you a knowledgeable trader, not an expert at creating algorithms or manipulating the SIM environment.

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