Incredible Growth of TopstepTV on YouTube Helps Futures Traders Up Their Game

Screenshot 100 Incredible Growth of TopstepTV on YouTube Helps Futures Traders Up Their Game

April 22, 2024
Chicago, Illinois

Topstep, a pioneer in the world of futures proprietary trading firms since 2012, is witnessing a huge rise in viewership on its YouTube channel, TopstepTV. This surge reflects a growing attraction to futures trading and the invaluable resources Topstep provides to aspiring traders.

TopstepTV delivers a one-of-a-kind blend of “tradertainment”, fusing education with entertainment and designed to ensure viewers have all the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in the futures trading landscape.

Why tune into TopstepTV?

  • Live market information and analysis: Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of futures trading with up-to-the-second market analysis and perspectives from Topstep’s accomplished Performance Coaches.
  • Refine your skills: Acquire invaluable expertise about trading strategies, setups, and risk mitigation through live broadcasts and enlightening educational materials.
  • Learn from the masters: Observe professional traders execute trades in real-time, gaining direct insights into how they make trading decisions and react to markets.

Profit from your passion

Topstep’s dedication to their traders extends beyond the educational arena. The Trading Combine® the firm’s main funding program, gives aspiring traders the opportunity to demonstrate their discipline and consistent profitability in a simulated trading environment. Top performers are eligible for real funding, enabling them to start on their path towards professional trading.

Become part of the Topstep community

Subscribers to TopstepTV on YouTube will benefit from an incredible range of educational resources and live trading sessions, as well as support from Topstep’s vibrant trading community. In short, Topstep will help you turn your passion for trading into a lucrative career.

More about Topstep

Established in 2012, Topstep is a trailblazer in the world of financial markets, equipping aspiring traders with the learning resources, trading tools and funding needed to thrive. Their key objective is to empower traders partnering with the firm to reach their financial goals through futures trading.

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