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Funded trading is a ground-breaking initiative that enables futures traders to access significant trading capital without putting their personal savings at risk. LeseUp Trading is an industry-leading provider of funded futures accounts, committed to helping traders meet their profit targets using its proprietary program. In this comprehensive guide we’ll look at everything LeseUp has to offer, how it works, its key advantages and more.

Futures trading can be highly profitable for successful traders, but it’s also risky: losses can quickly add up. This is precisely what makes LeseUp’s funded trader program so valuable: traders gain access to substantial capital without having to risk trading with their personal funds.

LeseUp has partnered with leading platforms, including Tradovate, TradingView and NinjaTrader, ensuring a technologically innovative yet smooth trading experience. The firm uses a structured evaluation process to identify adept traders demonstrating strong risk management capabilities, who when approved can start trading with LeseUp’s capital.

LeseUp Funding offer an appealing opportunity for traders looking to reap the rewards of futures trading and the freedom it can offer without jeopardising their savings. Keep reading to gain a better understanding of what’s on offer and how LeseUp are contributing to the development of a new set of profitable, independent traders.

LeseUp Prop Firm use an evaluation process to evaluate each trader’s skills and risk management abilities before giving them a funded account and with this, access to the firm’s capital.

There are a range of evaluation accounts, starting at $25K, with a $50K and $100K option, each of which have their own balance requirements, maximum drawdown limits, and minimum number of trading days. The rules are simple – the account balance cannot fall below the minimum, and traders need to trade for a minimum of ten days. These checks are to ensure traders can keep positive account balances and effectively manage risk.

Once traders have successfully completed the evaluation, they qualify for a LeseUp Performance Account, enabling them to trade in live markets using the firm’s capital. 100% of the initial $10,000 in profits are kept by the trader, and their profit share thereafter is 90% (with LeseUp taking a modest 10% fee).

Traders who don’t pass the evaluation can simply reset it and try again, meaning traders with less experience have several chances to refine their skills and gradually demonstrate their abilities.

LeseUp Evaluation Plans

LeseUp Trading Platforms: NinjaTrader – Tradovate – TradingView

Minimum Trading Days: 10 days.

Coupon Discount: 50% LESEUP50NOW

Funded Performance Accounts are the high point of the LeseUp funding program. They give traders the capital they need to trade in live markets, and also an exceptional level of flexibility: you can trade from anywhere worldwide, and there are very few rules beyond essential risk management, meaning traders can use the strategies that best suit them with no constraints.

LeseUp’s generous 23-hour trading window provides traders with plenty of time to analyse markets and trade efficiently, as they can seize opportunities as they unfold. The knowledge that one sole mistake won’t end their accounts means users of Performance Accounts can confidently stick to their trading strategies, without the need to change course out of fear.

All in all, LeseUp’s Performance Accounts are a highly rewarding choice for driven traders in need of capital to fulfil their profit-making potential.

Evaluation accounts have one straightforward premise: “Don’t fall below the minimum balance established for each account type.” In other words, traders need to make sure their account balance never goes above the loss limit for the account they’ve chosen and should not trade more than three overnight micro contracts.

In order to successfully complete the evaluation, you are required to complete a minimum of ten trading days (days where you don’t trade don’t count) and your end-of-day balance needs to surpass the target for the account you’ve chosen. For example, a $50K account with a $2,500 profit target needs to have an end-of-day balance of at least $52,501 when trading commissions are taken into account.

The drawdown is calculated at the end of the trading day (at 16.00 EST), taking into account the day’s trading activity. If a trader reaches the loss limit at any point during the day, their account will be disabled.

The Static Drawdown feature is available exclusively to LeseUp members. To access it, you need to purchase your membership before your Evaluation Account, which will automatically activate Static Drawdown. Otherwise, the Drawdown will be applied dynamically, adjusting based on the maximum end-of-day balance.

It’s important to note that once you’ve reached your Evaluation Account target, you should stop trading and submit a ticket called “Goal Achieved” to LeseUp’s Help Desk. This request will be processed within 24 hours.

Traders using Performance Accounts can choose from a range of payment options:

Performance Account

Monthly payment

One-time payment

$25,000 account



$50,000 account



$100,000 account



We also recommend having a look at the Performance Account rules on LeseUp’s FAQ page.

When trading with your Performance Account, bear in mind the following:

When your Performance Account is activated, your balance will be restored to the initial balance of your Evaluation Account.

There is a 20-trading day minimum. You must trade for a minimum of 20 trading days (days not traded are not considered as trading days).

The term “threshold” refers to the minimum balance that must be reached before you are eligible for-profit withdrawals. You need to reach the threshold amount for each Evaluation Account, plus an extra $100. For example, with a $50K account, the threshold is $2,500 plus an additional $100, i.e., $52,600. Once this threshold has been met, you can withdraw the profit margin you have generated, according to the “Funds Withdrawal” scale outlined in the contract.

Hybrid Drawdown:

For all active accounts, the drawdown is hybrid, meaning that until the threshold is reached, the drawdown is dynamic, but once you surpass the threshold, the drawdown becomes static, with its value set at the threshold value. For instance, with a $50K account, the drawdown begins at $47,500 and adjusts according to the maximum balance in the account at the end of the day. When the drawdown reaches $50,100, it becomes static.

Operations Activity:

Performance Accounts cannot be inactive, and all accounts are monitored according to the LeseUp Agreement.

LeseUp partners with a range of industry-leading trading platforms, including Tradovate, NinjaTrader, and TradingView, all empowering traders with their innovative technology but each offering its own distinct benefits.

Tradovate’s interface is exceptionally accessible and still among the most powerful. Its cutting-edge cloud-based software works for both desktop and mobile. Their centralised trading infrastructure means traders can execute trades quickly and seamlessly, and market analysis is also much easier with top-quality charting and analysis tools.

NinjaTrader is famed particularly for its customisation options, enabling traders to refine their strategies and test them against historical data. They also offer trade simulation, meaning traders can perfect their techniques in an entirely risk-free environment before going on to trade with real capital. NinjaTrader are committed to providing their traders with the utmost flexibility and trading education.

TradingView is well suited to new traders as well as those with more experience. The platform is very user-friendly and provides a comprehensive range of complimentary trading tools, including charts, indicators and unique analysis features. Seasoned traders are also likely to appreciate TradingView’s wealth of market data, with valuable insights ranging from macro trends through to intricate details.

Through partnerships with these well-regarded platforms, standing at the forefront of technological advancements, LeseUp Funding provides traders with the essential tools to gain a completive edge in their analysis and increase their profitability.

The details of LeseUp’s benefit withdrawals form can be found in the contract. It’s important to be aware that to make a withdrawal, your first need to meet the threshold (as described earlier).

When you have completed the minimum trading days and reached the threshold, the withdrawal structure for Evaluation Accounts in the first four months is as follows:

First, second and third months:

  • Fixed withdrawal of $1,000: once per month. The full amount is kept by the trader, except for any transfer fees or bank taxes that may apply.
  • Individual withdrawals of $500: twice per month. Again, the full amount is kept by the trader, except for any transfer fees or bank taxes that may apply.
  • Flexible withdrawals of $200: unlimited, however, the trader keeps only 50% and the other 50% is retained by LeseUp. For example, if you withdraw $200, $100 will be yours and the other $100 LeseUp’s.

Fourth month:

  • Fixed withdrawal of $1,250: once per month during the two months. The full amount is kept by the trader, except for any transfer fees or bank taxes that may apply.
  • Individual Withdrawals of $625: twice per month. Again, the full amount is kept by the trader, except for any transfer fees or bank taxes that may apply.
  • Flexible withdrawals of $500: unlimited, however, the trader keeps only 50% and the other 50% is retained by LeseUp. For example, if you withdraw $500, $250 will be yours and the other $250 LeseUp’s.

Fifth month:

Traders can withdraw as much as they like from the fifth month onwards, so long as they adhere to the established threshold.

Withdrawal Forms:

To request a withdrawal, generate a ticket at the Help Desk called “Payment for Performance benefits”. This will be processed within 24 hours. Note that you should not trade after you have requested payment until LeseUp confirms that your balance has been adjusted.

Payment Methods:

Withdrawals of less than $2,000 are processed through PayPal, and for higher amounts through International Transfers.

LeseUp Trading doesn’t only offer funded accounts – they provide active traders who join as members exclusive tools and discounts to help grow their trading careers.

Benefits of membership include discounts of up to 80% when you sign up for additional funded accounts, enabling you to access more capital and scale your strategies across a range of markets at the same time.

Members are also eligible for LeseUp’s Static Drawdown feature, which secures the maximum daily loss across all accounts, providing protection against market volatility while still enabling traders to energetically pursue profits.

In summary, LeseUp’s membership program, with its combination of discounts, performance incentives and risk management devices, provides substantial value for dedicated traders.

LeseUp Trading Platforms: NinjaTrader – Tradovate – TradingView

Minimum Trading Days: 10 days.

Coupon Discount: 50% LESEUP50NOW

Through its proprietary funded accounts program, LeseUp helps its traders navigate the high-stakes world of futures trading, enabling them to generate profits without risking their personal capital.

The firm uses a structured evaluation process to reward traders who show they can effectively and robustly manage risk with access to substantial trading capital. The most successful traders have the freedom – but also support – to use their favoured trading strategies autonomously in live markets.

Furthermore, LeseUp’s membership program offers members a range of discounts and tools to unlock their full potential.

For ambitious traders, LeseUp serves as a gateway to financial independence. The firm succeeds in creating an unconstrained and empowering trading environment, with only the necessary rules, enabling traders to use their capital to make significant profits.

In today’s futures trading landscape, capital and freedom are the two keys to success. LeseUp equips determined traders with the tools they need to implement their own strategies and achieve their profit goals.

  • LeseUp provides a supportive environment designed to help traders succeed.
  • Trading plans have minimal rules, giving traders the flexibility to reach their profit targets with no unnecessary constraints.
  • A 23-hour trading window furthers flexibility.
  • Traders keep the entire first $10,000 in their Performance Account.
  • 90% profit share thereafter.
  • Complimentary access to industry-leading trading platforms, including TradingView, NinjaTrader, and Tradovate.
  • LeseUp provide the resources and tools crucial for achieving success.
  • Futures trading only.
  • Prices are higher than competitors

We recommend LeseUp for traders of all experience levels, from novices to seasoned professionals. The futures prop firm provides industry-leading funded programs and flexible plans with minimal rules and are entirely upfront about how these work. With this uncomplicated setup, traders can achieve new heights. Furthermore, LeseUp partners with several of the industry’s top trading platforms, demonstrating their commitment to aiding futures traders in achieving their objectives. The firm gives traders 100% of the first $10,000 in their Performance Account and a substantial 90% profit share thereafter.

Joining LeseUp Trading today will equip you with all the resources you need to master the art of futures trading!

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The 30-day billing cycle is automatically renewed every 29 days regardless of the account status, until you decide to cancel or upgrade your account

The balance is not reset for any reason on evaluation accounts. If you failed your account before the expiration of the month, do not forget to cancel it to avoid further charges

No, you cannot use someone else’s card. All fees, including those for evaluation accounts, performance accounts, performance account resets, LeseUp membership, and any other services offered by LeseUp, must be paid using your own card.

If you have successfully passed your evaluation (reached the target profit and traded for a minimum of 5 days) but are due for a monthly charge the next day, you should immediately stop all trading activities and submit a ticket to the Help Desk titled “Goal Achieved”. This will be processed within 24 business hours. LeseUp will validate your passed evaluation and, if confirmed, will cancel your impending monthly charge. If the charge was already made, they can reverse it, as long as it is confirmed that the account actually passed one day earlier. However, if the charge occurs on the same day as your evaluation pass, a refund cannot be processed. Remember that a trading day runs from 6 PM one day to 4:59 PM the next day.

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