Raw Spreads: E8 Funding’s Newest Anticipated Addition

Raw Spreads: E8 Funding’s Newest Anticipated Addition

The inclusion of raw spreads to their trading platform has been announced by E8 Funding. Increased trade accuracy is the goal of this update, especially for strategies that target high risk-to-reward ratios.

Why Go for Raw Spreads

  • Lower Trading fees: By providing tighter bid-ask prices, raw spreads may result in cheaper trading expenses. For scalpers and day traders who profit from slight price swings, this is quite helpful.
  • Tighter Stop-Loss Placement: Traders may be able to place stop-loss orders closer to their entry locations without forgoing possible gains if spreads are kept to a minimum. This approach may result in higher risk-to-reward ratios and better risk management.

Example: Spreads as low as 0.1 pip trading EUR/USD and 1 pip for XAUUSD (gold) are mentioned by E8 Funding.

Flexibility to Many Trading Styles

Since accurate entry and exit locations are essential for day trading and scalping, among other trading styles, raw spreads may be advantageous. The enhanced adaptability might enable dealers to carry out their plans more precisely.

Selecting Raw Spreads

With E8 Funding, traders can now select a no-commission account structure or raw spreads when choosing an evaluation program. To determine which commission choice best suits your trading plan, it is advised that you investigate the possibilities related to raw spreads. 

Additional Details

Check out our review for E8 Funding or, visit their website to get all the information you need to know about how raw spreads with them could improve your trading.

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