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TakeProfitTrader VS Apex Trader Funding - Comparison Funded Frogram

TakeProfitTrader is a unique prop trading firm that funds traders who successfully pass their evaluation process. Located in Orlando, Florida, this firm specialises exclusively in futures trading. Their main goal is to find traders capable of producing consistent profits. They offer five different account sizes: $25,000, $50,000, $75,000, $100,000, and $150,000. The cost for these accounts ranges from $150 per month for the smallest to $360 per month for the largest.

The firm provides some very good educational resources at no extra cost, which are designed to give you all the skills and knowledge needed for savvy, well-informed decision making. Straightforward trading rules encourage the use of safe and effective strategies that help improve consistency. And you’ll have to access all CME assets, including those from CBOT, CME, COMEX, and NYMEX, as well as the Micros.

Apex Trader Funding, based in Austin, Texas, was established over two years ago out of dissatisfaction with existing prop trading options and a commitment to a trader-centric approach. Under the leadership of CEO Darrel Martin, the firm has built a solid reputation, with a range of account sizes, from $25,000 to $300,000, allowing traders to select funding levels based on their risk tolerance and financial preferences.

ATF simplifies the evaluation process into a single phase, accelerating the path for experienced traders to qualify for funding. Profit targets vary by account size, starting at $1,500 and scaling up to $20,000, while maximum drawdowns range from $625 to $1,500. You’ll have access to advanced trading platforms like Rithmic and Tradovate – known for their reliable execution and data feeds – and the flexibility to manage up to 20 funded accounts at the same time, unrestricted by trading limitations during holidays or major news events. The firm offers extensive trading opportunities across diverse futures markets, encompassing stock indices, currencies, interest rates and agricultural futures.

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Take Profit Trader is better for: Apex Trader Funding is better for:
Those focused on trading futures. Day traders who want a simplified evaluation process.
Traders who’d like lots of educational resources. Traders prioritising access to substantial capital – up to $300,000.
Traders who prioritise quick withdrawals. Those who make use of a variety of trading strategies.
Traders interested in access to lots of different futures instruments. Traders looking for an attractive profit share.
Traders valuing substantial profit shares. Traders who find straightforward rules important.

Comparative Table of TakeProfitTrader and Apex Trader Funding:

TakeProfitTrader and Apex Trader Funding both distinguished prop firms, and both give you the opportunity to showcase your skills in order to gain access to capital. But there are some key differences in terms of what they provide and how, so take a look at the table below to familiarise yourself with the features of the two firms.

Feature TakeProfitTrader Apex Trader Funding
Instruments Equity Futures, Foreign Exchange Futures, Agricultural Futures, Energy Futures, Interest Rate Futures, Metals Futures. Equity Futures, Foreign Exchange Futures, Agricultural Futures, Energy Futures, Interest Rate Futures, Metals Futures, Cryptocurrency Futures
Challenge Types One-Step, Funded Account Split One-Step Evaluation Process
Challenge Account Sizes $25,000 up to $150,000 Full: $25,000, up to $300,000 Static: $100,000
Challenge Cost $150 - $360/month Rithmic: Full $147 to $657 month, Static $137 month. Tradovate: Full $167 to $677 month, Static $157 month.
Minimum Trading Days 10 days 7 days
Max Position size 3 to 15 contracts 4 to 35 contracts
Profit Target $1,500 up to $9,000 $1,500 to $20,000
Payout Split PRO 80/20 (trader/firm) PRO+ 90/10 Receive 100% of the first $25,000 per Account and 90/10 (trader/firm) Beyond That

Additional Points:

Apex Trader Funding:

  • To qualify for funding with ATF, you simply need to achieve the specified profit target within seven days and before you reach your maximum drawdown.
  • Rithmic and Tradovate platforms are available. Both are big deal names in the industry, with Tradovate in particular popular for accessible interface and compatibility across multiple devices. Its group trade features also helpfully enable trade copying across different accounts.


  • There’s no scaling plan, and PRO accounts enable you to trade with the same amount of capital as in your evaluation account.

Deeper Dive into TakeProfitTrader vs. Apex Trader Funding

The table below takes a closer look at the two firms’ rules.

Rule Category Take Profit Trader Apex Trader Funding
Scalping Allowed Allowed
Day Trading Allowed Allowed
Swing Trading Not Allowed Allowed
Holding Positions Overnight Not Allowed Allowed
Holding Positions Over Weekends Not Allowed Allowed
Copy Trading Allowed Allowed
News Trading Allowed Allowed

Max Daily Loss:

  • Apex Trader Funding: The firm’s main focus is the trailing threshold – read on for the details.
  • TakeProfitTrader: The firm implements daily loss limits (which we would say are very reasonable) to ensure their traders take managing risk seriously and trade responsibly.

Max Drawdown:

  • Apex Trader Funding: The firm’s main focus is the trailing threshold – read on for the details.
  • TakeProfitTrader: The firm is keen that the trailing drawdown – an important part of managing risk – isn’t overlooked, and to make life simpler for their traders the drawdown is calculated at the end of each trading day.

Trailing Threshold:

  • Apex Trader Funding: You can trade up to the maximum number of contracts allowed for your chosen plan (this is also true for Micros) from the outset. Maximum loss drawdown depends on your plan – for example a $50,000 plan has a drawdown starting at $2,500 below the initial balance, i.e. $47,500. There are no limits on daily maximum drawdown.


    • FULL funded accounts have a maximum drawdown that stops trailing when the liquidation threshold reaches $100 above the initial plan balance. For a $50,000 plan, for example, trailing stops at $50,100.
    • For STATIC accounts, drawdown is always the same. For example, a $100,000 STATIC account has a fixed drawdown of $99,375.


  • Apex Trader Funding: Withdrawals are processed twice a month, on the 15th and last business day of each month. Traders receive all of their first $25,000 profits, and a 90/10 split thereafter. Payouts are facilitated through Plane, and there are a number of different options to choose from: wire transfer, cryptocurrency, PayPal and ACH.

Before you’re eligible for your first payout you’ll need to accumulate 10 trading days, and you also need a minimum of 10 trading days between each withdrawal. All withdrawals must be at least $1,000; maximum withdrawal limits change depend on your account size for the first three withdrawals, with no limits thereafter.

  • TakeProfitTrader: With a PRO account you can withdraw immediately, with no trading day requirement and no maximum limit. There aren’t any restrictions on withdrawing profits that exceed the buffer either – and no annoying waiting times!

It’s also a good idea to review the rules for payouts on the websites of each prop firm to ensure you’re completely clear about how they operate.


Leverage Futures TakeProfitTrader Apex Trader Funding
Futures 1:1 1:1

TakeProfitTrader vs. Apex Trader Funding: Pros and Cons




Apex Trader Funding:




For aspiring traders looking to start – or grow – their trading careers, TakeProfitTrader and Apex Trader Funding offer very compelling options. The optimal choice therefore hinges on your own goals. Traders looking to refine their skillset and prioritising long-term career development might find TakeProfitTrader the most suitable option, while those seeking a clear-cut and adaptable approach might be better off choosing Apex Trader Funding, who allow for the creation of a more customised trading strategy.

There’s a combination of factors to consider: your experience, risk tolerance and preferred trading tools. A careful review of both firms is essential to identify which best aligns with your individual needs.

TakeProfitTrader VS Apex Trader Funding - Comparison Funded Frogram
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