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TakeProfitTrader VS TickTickTrader - Comparison Funded Frogram

Take Profit Trader, from Orlando, US, is a futures prop trading firm identifying skilled traders with the potential to generates consistent returns. They operate using a mutually beneficial arrangement that gives traders access to capital – risk-free – and allows both the firm and traders to share in the profits. They offer five different starting balances for increasing prices, ranging from $25,000 (which costs $150 per month) to $150,000 (which costs $360).

Take Profit Trader also provide a particularly good set of complimentary educational resources to make sure you have all the tools and knowledge to make well-informed decisions, and in turn trade more profitably. Also appealing are the firm’s trading rules: they’re straightforward and clearly set out, helping you to trade both safely and successfully. Υοu’ll have access to all CME futures assets (including CBOT, CME, COMEX, and NYMEX assets – even Micros).

While TickTickTrader was set up just two years ago, its founders have more than 20 years of experience in the prop trading sphere. Having encountered countless difficulties working with existing prop firms, their mission was to design a transparent platform with simple, trustable rules that’s wholly committed to the financial independence of its traders.

It’s safe to say they succeeded: TickTickTrader operates with the success of its traders as its one key mission. An in-depth grasp of markets enables the firm to provide a new generation of futures traders with sophisticated tools, effective customer support and a highly supportive trading atmosphere.

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Take Profit Trader is best for: TickTickTrader is best for:
Futures traders with some pre-existing experience. Experienced traders who’ve already had some success trading futures.
Those valuing a range of learning materials. Those seeking a generous profit share.
Traders who want instant withdrawals. Traders who would like a range of challenge options and funding levels to choose from.
Traders looking to trade a variety of different futures instruments. Those who’d like to be part of an encouraging trading community.

Comparative Table of TickTickTrader and Take Profit Trader:

As both Take Profit Trader and TickTickTrader are well-regarded firms providing access to capital with which to trade, deciding which one to go for can be hard. The table below lays out their similarities and differences.

Feature Take Profit Trader TickTickTrader
Instruments Equity Futures, Foreign Exchange Futures, Agricultural Futures, Energy Futures, Interest Rate Futures, Metals Futures. Equity Futures, Foreign Exchange Futures, Agricultural Futures, Energy Futures, Interest Rate Futures, Metals Futures.
Challenge Types One-Step, Funded Account Split One Step Evaluation Process
Challenge Account Sizes $25,000 up to $150,000 Different challenges between $25,000, $50,000 & $100,000
Challenge Cost $150 up to $360/month $145 up to $285/month
Minimum Trading Days 10 days none
Max Position Size 3 to 15 contracts 4 to 14 contracts
Profit Target $1,500 up to $9,000 $1,500 up to $6,000
Payout Split PRO 80/20 (trader/firm) PRO+ 90/10 100% payout the first 3 months of withdrawals. After that, TickTickTrader has a profit split of 90/10.

Additional Points:

TickTickTrader: TickTickTrader’s Direct Accounts give traders a greater degree of flexibility, the potential to make bigger profits, immediate withdrawals, and the chance to skip the evaluation phase altogether with a TTTPerformance Account.

Take Profit Trader: There’s no scaling plan, and with a PRO account you’ll be able to trade with the same amount of capital as in your test account.

Deeper Dive into Take Profit Trader vs. TickTickTrader

The following table is a more in-depth comparison of the rules of Take Profit Trader and TickTickTrader.

Rule Category Take Profit Trader TickTick Trader
Scalping Allowed Allowed
Day Trading Allowed Allowed
Swing Trading Allowed Allowed
Holding Positions Overnight Not Allowed Allowed
Holding Positions Over Weekends Not Allowed Not Allowed
Copy Trading Allowed Allowed
News Trading Allowed Not Allowed

Maximum Daily Loss:

  • TickTickTrader: Daily loss limits are adjusted for each account size so that you can plausibly stay within the firm’s risk management parameters. Your account will be monitored throughout the trading day to check that you haven’t exceeded your daily loss limit.
  • Take Profit Trader: To foster responsible trading – and in turn profitable trading – Take Profit Trader use a daily loss limit.

Maximum Drawdown:

  • TickTickTrader:In the evaluation phase drawdown is calculated at the end of each day, using only the realised profits up to that point (and not including unrealised profits targeted during the day).
  • Take Profit Trader: Αn end-of-day trailing drawdown is applied to Test accounts – a simpler and better option for traders than a drawdown between each trade.


  • TickTickTrader: You’ll be able to access your profits straight away so long as you stick to the firm’s Maintain Consistency Rule on your TTTPerformance account and your balance is above the minimum safety thresholds (the minimum profit balance required in your account for you to withdraw funds). There is a minimum withdrawal limit of $250. All withdrawals are processed within five working days. For deactivated accounts, you can withdraw up to 20% of total profits, so long as they exceed safety thresholds and comply with Maintain Consistency rules. There’s no minimum amount required for this withdrawal. 
  • Take Profit Trader: PRO accounts let you withdraw profits straight away, with no minimum days of profit generation required, no cap on withdrawals, and no withdrawal restrictions on profits above the buffer.


Leverage Futures TickTickTrader TakeProfitTrader
Futures 1:1 1:1

Take Profit Trader vs. TickTickTrader: Pros and Cons

The following section gives us a chance to explore in more detail the advantages and disadvantages to working with Take Profit Trader and TickTickTrader.

Take Profit Trader:







Both TickTickTrader and Take Profit Trader provide compelling options for futures prop traders, but they cater to slightly different requirements and preferences.

Take Profit Trader’s large range of account sizes and trading instruments help the firm to distinguish itself, as do their clear rules and efficient, supportive customer service. The firm focuses solely on futures trading at present, and restricts overnight positions and automated trading, but they compensate with their strong commitment to the growth of their traders.  The options for customising the platform give traders lots of flexibility, and the absence of a

minimum trading day requirement, as well as high daily limits and the freedom to trade during news events, give traders plenty of space to make the most of market opportunities.

TickTickTrader adopt a more relaxed approach, making it ideal for moderately experienced traders seeking the freedom to trade with larger daily limits and no minimum trading day requirement. Their competitively priced accounts are tiered, and the firm’s risk management setup finds the right balance of mitigating risk while still allowing you to work with successful strategies that suit you. As with Take Profit Trader, TickTickTrader only caters to futures traders, and trading during news is ruled out. Nonetheless, TickTickTrader remains an excellent option offering a raft of benefits.

It’s also really important to take into account your own individual needs and preferences alongside the features we’ve explored in this piece – your experience, aspirations, budget and risk tolerance are all crucial. For further details on both firms, take a look at our website so you can be sure you’ve done all the research before making this pivotal decision.

TakeProfitTrader VS TickTickTrader - Comparison Funded Frogram
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