TickTick Trader Review 2024

TickTick Trader Review

TickTick Trader is a distinguished proprietary trading firm, renowned for their advanced approach and commitment to their traders. The firm provides a series of challenges through which traders can qualify for funding, and ensures they have all the resources they might need to succeed.

There is no minimum trading day requirement, and traders are given complimentary licences for Jigsaw Trader or DayTradr or Bookmap. Performance accounts reach up to $100,000 and the profit split is 90/10. That is After the end of the 3rd month. If the user trades for 40 days in less than 3 months, trader gets 100% with no cap.

In this in-depth review, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about how TickTick Trader works, what they offer and whether the firm lives up to its reputation.

TickTick Trader was established by a team of professional traders who started out in the industry in 2004. The obstacles and challenges they faced using traditional prop firms and trading platforms encouraged them to create their own platform, tailor-made to cater for an emerging generation of futures traders.

The essence of the firm is one of sharing and support, as opposed to exploitation and manipulation. The founders are dedicated to assisting traders in reaching their objectives, with the firm belief that successful traders are key to a successful company. Their technologically advanced platform, transparent principles and focus on customer success positions TickTick Trader as a ground-breaking player in the prop trading industry.

The firm provides three different account types, meaning there is one for every budget and every style of trading. These are:

  • Evaluation Accounts: A gateway for traders starting out to showcase their potential.
  • Express Plan: Same as 100K Pro Account with the exception of No Daily loss required and one-time payment instead of a subscription and last but not the least, the trader gets a refund if he passes the evaluation (practically it’s deducted from the one-time activation fees).
  • Direct Accounts: This is presumably a straightforward account, granting direct access to essential trading resources. Benefit of skipping the evaluation phase and advantageous payout policy.

The platform is set up to be as straightforward and transparent as possible, with unambiguous, reliable rules. The founders prioritise 24/7 customer support in a range of languages, no minimum trading day requirements, and quick, secure payouts. All this enables traders to concentrate on one sole objective – trading!

There are several factors making TickTick Trader a great choice for futures traders. Firstly, the evaluation process is highly accessible. Secondly, the firm boasts a track record of reliable payouts, distinguishing itself from other firms in the prop trading industry.

Another important plus is the variety of account options, which cater to a range of trading styles, including proactive, assertive traders. The firm’s efficient, responsive customer service is a further indicator of their dedication to transparency and effectiveness.

The trading experience is taken to the next level by the full range of analytical tools on offer, including licenses for Bookmap, NinjaTrader, and Jigsaw Trader. All in all, TickTick Trader’s creative approach and attentiveness to trader success make the firm the ideal solution for traders looking for an empowering and dependable futures trading platform.

TickTick Trader provides a variety of trader funding models, meaning there is a model to meet the requirements and preferences of every trader. The path towards funding starts with an evaluation phase, in which traders showcase their abilities and consistency. Traders who pass this then move on to the TTTPerformance account. Traders choose from an Evaluation Account, the Express Plan, or a Direct Account.

Account Type

Account Name


Max Positions

Daily Loss

Tick Drawdown



Evaluation Account

25K Starter







Evaluation Account

50K Advanced







Evaluation Account

100k Pro







Evaluation Account

100 Express







Direct Account

25K Direct





Direct Account

50K Direct





Direct Account

10K Direct Swing


5 Micro Contracts



 Evaluation Accounts

TickTick Trader’s Evaluation Accounts, the first stage in the process, comprise three tiers: Starter, Advanced, and Professional. These accounts work as a platform for traders to demonstrate their trading capabilities and ability to trade consistently during the evaluation phase. Those who do so successfully qualify as funded traders.

The Starter account is designed for traders just starting out in their careers, providing a relatively small $25,000 in capital, a profit target of $1,500 and limits on daily losses and positions. The Advanced and Professional accounts offer progressively higher capital and profit targets, as well as more flexibility in trading positions, thereby catering to the requirements of intermediate and experienced traders respectively. The firm is widely recognised for its prompt payouts and transparency regarding how it operates.

Evaluation accounts are further improved by the wide range of trading instruments and software options on offer, meaning they are suitable for traders at every level of experience.

Express Plan

The Express Plan is an interesting option for active traders, allowing traders to handle as many as 14 contracts simultaneously. In contrast to the monthly pricing of most account plans, ranging from $145 to $699, the Express Plan charges a fee of $99 for a 15-day period.

The profit target is set at $6,000 and there is also a safeguard provided by the $3,500 drawdown limit. This structure seems to encourage traders to optimise their returns while remaining mindful of potential risks. It’s important to highlight that TickTickTrader is committed to clear evaluation programs.

Direct Accounts

TickTickTrader’s Direct Accounts allow traders to skip the assessment and trade from outset with a TTTPerformance Account. They offer the following three Direct Accounts:

As well as having different pricing, each account has its own trading rules, including daily loss and drawdown limits and the maximum number of trading positions allowed. Traders choose the plan that suits them best, register, and then set up a platform connection to set off on their trading journey.

End Of the Day Drawdown

The drawdown calculation takes place at the conclusion of each day and remains consistent throughout the day. If the investment balance reaches and exceeds the specified drawdown limit, it leads to the liquidation of the investment.

Below is an example of a $100L account:

Trading days

Open Position Balance

Balance at Closing

Tick Tick Trader Drawdown

1st day

100 500$

100 000$

96 500$

2nd day

100 800$

98 000$

96 500$

3th day

No Trading done

96 500$

4th day

103 000$

100 000$

96 500$

5th day

105 000$

104 000$

100 500$

 Daily Loss Limit

The Daily Loss Limit is the maximum sum a trader can lose within a single trading day. It serves as a risk management strategy to cap a trading account’s potential losses. It is often determined by the available trading capital. Upon reaching the Daily Loss Limit, the trader’s account will be liquidated. The Daily Loss Limits associated with each plan are as follows:

Account Size

Daily Loss Limit

$25K Starter


$50K Advancer


$100K Pro


$100K Express


Overnight Positions

Tick Tick Trader requires the closure of all trading positions by the end of the trading day. This includes overnight positions. Traders who fail to adhere to this rule will have their account disqualified.

Scaling Plan

The prop firm’s Scaling System sets a cap on the number of contracts traders can open. Traders have to manage their contract numbers in accordance with their account balance, encompassing both active and closed positions. Breaching this rule leads to a warning and potentially having your account terminated. This means it’s crucial for traders to consistently monitor their account balance and associated risks to make sure they’re trading in line with the regulations and minimising losses. Traders should aim for a profit margin exceeding their intended contract size to accommodate their trading activities.

Below is an example of the scaling system in $100K pro account:

Account Balance

Max Contracts E-Mini

$100,000 – $102,100


$102,101 – $105,100


$105,101 – $108,500


Higher than $108,501


Note: 1 E-Mini contract = 10 Micros  

TickTickTrader funds futures trading. Traders can trade CME (CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX) futures assets, including the Micros.

The following instruments can be traded with TickTick Trader:

  • Equity futures
  • Foreign exchange futures
  • Agricultural futures
  • Energy futures
  • Interest rate futures
  • Metals futures

The trading account operates without leverage, where the account balance represents the buying power, effectively providing 1:1 leverage ratio.

The maximum number of contracts available for trading is determined by your account size and profit, defining your trading limits.

Account Balance

Maximum number of contracts







TickTickTrader offers its funded traders’ competitive payouts, dependent on the particular account type. Upon successful completion of the evaluation period and advancement to the TTTPerformance Account, traders will receive a share of the profits they generate, with the rest going to Tick Tick Trader. The details of the payout structure are clearly set out in the trader agreement, which is issued when the evaluation is completed.

Traders generating profits with TTTPerformance Accounts are sent their payments directly. The first payout can be requested once they have surpassed the account’s safety threshold and traded for a minimum of 40 trading (not calendar) days.

Withdrawal requests are accepted at any time during the month and are processed within five business days. There is a minimum withdrawal amount of $1,000, but no maximum provided the safety threshold is maintained. The withdrawal safety threshold reserve depends on the account size and represents the minimum balance required to continue making withdrawals from the trader’s account.

Account Size

Safety Threshold

$25K Starter


$50K Advanced


$100K Pro


TTTPerformance traders can enjoy the first three months of trading with no commission charged on their profits. Thereafter, traders are given a 90% profit share, with TickTick Trader retaining a modest 10% commission. We advise traders to ensure they fully understand the details of the payout structure before signing up with TickTickTrader, and traders should also be aware that they have responsibility for paying their own taxes.

Choosing a prop firm like TickTickTrader enables traders to establish a solid base for their trading, setting the stage for you to progress in financial markets and generate substantial profits. For this reason, we are offering a 50% discount to help you get started. Use coupon code: FundedProgram.

TickTickTrader differentiates itself from other prop trading firms through its distinctive evaluation process, in which traders demonstrate their abilities before advancing to the TTTPerformance account. Other firms such as Elite Trader Funding and Take Profit Trader can ask for an upfront capital investment without a preliminary evaluation stage. This fundamental difference positions TickTickTrader as an appealing option for traders who would prefer to try out their skills before committing substantial capital. The range of account options and evaluations meet the needs of a diverse group of traders, further setting TickTick Trader apart from companies with more rigid frameworks.

  • 40% discount using our coupon code
  • Good range of trading platforms
  • Variety of futures to trade
  • Straightforward, logical rules
  • Quick and secure payouts
  • No minimum trading day requirement
  • Complimentary licenses for Jigsaw Trader, Bookmap, Ninja Trader
  • Minimal trading restrictions
  • Drawdown is calculated at the end of each day rather than after every trade
  • Competitive pricing
  • Generous 90% profit split
  • All positions must be closed by the end of the trading day (Except for the Direct 10k Swing Account)
  • For withdrawing at the 100% rate you must wait until at least the fourth month
  • TickTickTrader retains 50% of profits in the case of early withdrawals.
  • No free trial

TickTick Trader prop firm distinguishes itself as a futures prop firm committed to trader success, offering a full suite of features and resources catering to traders of all skill and experience levels. The firm’s educational resources are a valuable addition, and the accessible platform, unique Express Funding Account and multiple asset classes all make TickTickTrader stand out as a leader in the futures prop trading industry.

For those aspiring to become funded futures traders in a user-friendly environment with strong features and a supportive community, TickTickTrader funding is unquestionably a platform worthy of consideration. Click here to gain access to the tools and resources you need to succeed as a futures trader.

We’re delighted to present traders with an exclusive 50% discount code, FundedProgram, delivering significant savings and assisting traders in taking full advantage of everything TickTickTrader has to offer highly effective tools at a reasonable price

Click here to start your trading journey today.

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To trade with TickTickTrader, you will need the following:

  • Data Feed provider

  • Trading Software

Disclaimer: It is important to note that third-party platform linking is not available within CQG.

Here at TickTickTrader, we provide each trader with one free license key. You may choose any of the following: BookmapNinjaTrader, or Jigsaw DayTradr.

bookmap.png  blobid0.png

Just send us a message, and our Support team will provide you with the license key.

Apart from the software above, if you already have an existing license for any of the trading software listed below, you may connect them to your TickTickTrader account:

  • Agena Trader

  • Atas

  • Collective 2

  • Inside Edge

  • Medved Trader

  • Motive Wave

  • MultiCharts

  • Optimus Flow

  • Overcharts

  • Photon Trader

  • Quantower

  • Quick Screen Trading

  • R Investor

  • Scalp

  • Scalp Tool

  • Sierra Chart

  • Tiger Trade

  • Trade Navigator

  • TS Lab

  • Volfix.net

We accept the following: 

1. Major Debit/Credit Cards (via Network Merchants (Collect.js)/WorldPay)

2. Cryptocurrency (via CoinPayments)

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