TopstepX™ A one-of-its-kind trading platform

Topstep, a major prop firm, is the brains behind TopstepX™, a unique trading platform that goes above and beyond the typical capabilities of a trade execution platform and is specifically tailored to cater to prop traders. The Topstep team has a unique grasp of the demands of prop traders since, in addition to being traders, they played a pivotal role in the development of the prop trading business. Their platform was developed only to meet the needs of their traders – not brokerages.

With the code “topstepx,” Topstep is now providing significant savings on all three of their TopstepX Trading Combine® accounts. For $19 a month, you could start trading on the smallest account, and keep the price for up to 10 accounts for the duration of your Trading Combine. Just keep in mind that, regardless of account size, there is a one-time $149 activation fee for each Express Funded Account once you qualify for funding.

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TopstepX provides smooth access to every single one of Topstep’s unique features, which include:

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If all of the above isn’t enough to persuade you, you can also trade from wherever suits you, on both PCs and Macs, without ever having to pay commissions. Continue reading to find out more or simply sign up and get started trading in 30 seconds, with no connection instructions, here:

On top of the impressive features available with TopstepX, it also has a highly customisable dashboard, and you can set personalised daily loss limits and profit targets to automatically lock your account once these limits are reached. This encourages the development of disciplined habits and ensures you make decisions that’re in your best interests.

TopstepX is unique in offering complete integration with TradingView, the best charting software available. Many traders endure their trading platform’s substandard charts and still shell out for TradingView on the side. With TopstepX, you get all the customisations – chart movements, drawing tools, and indicators – you want in one space, lowering costs and making life easier at the same time.

TopstepX lets you control the maximum equivalent contract values of Minis and Micros with a 10:1 contract ratio (or 5:1 for Silver). By syncing the “maximum position sizes” to the total leveraged amount, you can trade 10 Micros for every Mini contract. This allows for smaller position sizes, enabling more precise trading and flexibility to scale in and out of trades with less exposure. You’ll be able to take smaller entry sizes and overall positions, which improves risk management and opens up a wider range of trade opportunities and strategies for you to use.

TopstepX is looking for your unique take on the platform, giving you the opportunity to submit your feature ideas via the Support Icon in your main page navigation bar. You can also vote for features requested by fellow traders, ensuring the most popular suggestions move to the top of the request list.

The Tilt is TopstepX’s own indicator, revealing the real-time long and short biases of all Topstep traders trading S&P, Crude Oil, Gold and NASDAQ. It provides real-time sentiment data, showing the overall stance of the firm’s traders as the markets shift. Normally reserved for market makers and institutional traders, this insight monitors tens of thousands of Topstep traders, showing their average entry price, the percentage of traders long versus short, and the profitable side at any moment. Unlike traditional lagging indicators, The Tilt operates in real-time, offering live trader data. It gives you a behind-the-curtain look at market dynamics, adding a valuable edge to your strategies.

Yet another great TopstepX feature is the drag and drop chart orders, which let you easily set profit targets and stop losses that work together. These are known as “One Cancels Other” orders and make it so that if the profit target or stop loss is hit, the other order is automatically cancelled, preventing unwanted orders from being filled. Adjusting these targets and stop losses during a trade is straightforward and convenient, optimising your efficiency.

TopstepX offers a built-in trade copier, meaning you can execute trades in a “master account” and have them copied to multiple accounts. This feature helps you maximise your leverage and potential, particularly with a winning strategy. The trade copier allows you to pass multiple Trading Combines simultaneously and supports up to three Express Funded Accounts, allowing you to make three times as much profit. Fully integrated into TopstepX, there’s no need for external software. It also works with order brackets, making it easy to adjust profit targets and stop losses on your master account, with these changes being automatically applied to all linked accounts.

TopstepX helps you develop more disciplined habits with a simple one-click account lock option. You can still access your charts when your account is locked, so you can keep an eye on the markets and reflect on movements without the urge to make impulsive trades. This feature is perfect for safeguarding your profits once you reach your goals or for taking a step back on challenging days when you’re emotionally spent. By locking your account, you reinforce discipline and remain committed to your trading strategy – which is so important for succeeding.

As a TopstepX trader, you’ll benefit from the best support. Simply click the Live Chat button within the platform to connect with the specialised TopstepX support team, dedicated solely to assisting TopstepX users. This high-quality service ensures you get the help you need, with responses sent directly to your platform so you can stay on your charts and keep trading seamlessly!

TopstepTV brings you live broadcasts daily from TopstepX, offering an engaging mix of fun and learning. Join the experts from 8.00am to 3.00pm CT, Monday to Friday and watch Topstep founder Michael Patak, experienced coaches, and special guests trade live to get crucial insights into market movements and top trading strategies. Plus, you’ll receive risk management advice from the risk team and have the chance to participate in live coaching sessions.

Being part of a trader community keeps you inspired. TopstepTV extras like Leaderboard Updates, Shout Outs, and “Fire Drill” segments ensure you’re always up to date on new features and giveaways. You also shouldn’t miss out on TopQuiz for a chance to win fantastic prizes like resets, a free month in the Trading Combine, and gift cards to use in Topstep’s Gear Shop. Check out more details and the schedule at

Topstep’s Coach Robert takes you through all the TopstepX features in brief videos (lasting five minutes or less) so you can find out everything you need to know about the platform with minimal hassle. Watch them here: (CHECK OUT THE FULL SERIES!

To summarise, TopstepX really is a unique platform that brings together premium features in one easy-to-use package. It’d be hard to find another platform that’s so meticulously designed to improve your trading experience on every level, from extensive personalisation options to a wide selection of instruments.

With powerful technical tools, TopstepX is perfect for traders with a lot of experience looking to enhance their profit potential. At the same time, its comprehensive educational resources make it easy for beginners to get comfortable with the platform as well as the complexities of trading more broadly.

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