True Forex Funds Review 2024

True Forex Funds

True Forex Funds (TFF) encourages traders to succeed and can help improve your career. You can trade at your own discretion and hold trades for as long as you want as TFF does not want to regulate your preferred trading style. TFF does care about loss limits. It primary objective is to contract consistent traders and reward them with an 80% profit split.

When you sign up for True Forex Funds your login credentials will be automatically generated and sent to you in a matter of minutes. There is no minimum time required to get set up. You will be signing [prop] firm partnership papers in one day.

TFF’s system was designed to prove an easy-to-use, smooth trading experience without restrictions on your Forex trading style. With minimal, [easy-to-navigate] rules, TFF’s main aim is to grow a community of profitable traders.

Amazing Trading Conditions: By partnering with trusted cryptocurrency exchanges and liquidity providers, they offer world-class trading conditions. You will be able to trade as low as 0.0 pip with Raw spread accounts.

Industry-Leading Targets: TFF’s profit targets will help you easily achieve your goals. There are no minimum trading days required and they offer convenient, bi-weekly payments.

No-cost second attempt: You are eligible for unlimited free retries with TFF if you are in compliance with the Loss Limits or If your account balance is positive.

Prior to further delving into all of TFF’s advantages, let’s review their best programs:

Before highlighting TFF’s many top features, let’s review some areas where it is in line with its competition / it is not outperforming the competition.

Profit split: 80% is on par with competitor programs. While some counterparts may even go a bit higher, this 80% split is in line with the most popular programs.

Cost: TFF programs cost a bit more than those offered by competitors of equal size. However, cost is not the same as value and TFF’s offerings are worth the cost. Importantly, the evaluation fee is refundable and returned with the first payout.

TFF’s highlights include:

Low-Profit Target – A total of 12% profit target (8% in Phase 1 and 4% in Phase 2) is TFF’s industry-leading feature. [All traders enjoy this generous drawdown.]

Drawdown – Phases 1 and 2 of trader evaluation have the same drawdown parameters, which is 10% maximum overall loss, 5% maximum daily loss, while the 10% maximum overall loss is static. There is no trailing and this represents a massive advantage over trailing drawdown programs. These are features that do not exist in the futures sector but is great to have in the forex funding space.

Refundable Fee – In addition to being able to access significant Forex trading funds at 100:1 leverage, you can also have the opportunity to trade for free since traders get their evaluation fee refunded with the first withdrawal.

Trader Freedom – You are free to trade any strategy or style you prefer as long as you do not abuse the system by trying to create an advantage by executing trade that cannot be replicated in a live environment.

Swing Trading – You can hold your trades overnight or over the weekend with no restrictions and no requirements to close trades in an evaluation environment. Just stay in the green.

Weekend Trading – You can trade crypto seven days per week and with leverage any time you prefer, growing cryptocurrency selection offer the best spreads in the crypto funding space.

Product Selection – There is massive product selection for day traders or swing trade forex pairs, indices, energies metals, futures, bonds, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and oil

Account Growth Opportunity – TFF is invested in your success. You can make 8% profit in three months of lives trading and increase your account by 25%. You can have more money to trade with and no upside scaling limit. And this all begins in a refundable fee program.

Support – Responses are always fast and helpful.

Handling of Adverse Events – Many funded trader programs have been negatively affected by increased volatility given wartime evens and the Federal Reserve’s interest rate actions. Some programs have had to delay creations, remove products, or disable trading entirely. Meanwhile, TFF continued providing the same great products throughout these events while taking a hit because of the low liquidity environment. This was an impressive stress test for a new company that had six- and multiple five-figure payouts in this context.

The signup process is simple. Traders from around the world are welcome to sign up using either a credit / debit card processed by Stripe or by paying with cryptocurrency. During purchase, traders select their desired platform to use during evaluation.

Traders get access to the evaluation dashboard shortly after payment.

The Dashboard includes:


  • Credentials for the platform.
  • Chart of performance either by trade or by date.
  • Daily trading objectives with allowed daily and total loss amounts.
  • Daily Summary.
  • Trade Log.

Once you reach your profit goal, if your account is flat, the risk manager will flag the account as “passed.” After a quick review of Phase 2, the Live Account will soon be available.

There are a wide variety of instruments available:


  • Forex
  • Shares
  • Commodities
  • Metals
  • World Index CFDs
  • Bonds

During our testing of the program’s Phase 1, Phase 2, and live environment we tried several instruments in different sizes without any problems. We used Bond CFDs, Cruse, TSLA, NVDA, Amazon, Russel index, and 7 Bitcoin simultaneously and smoothly without any noticeable slippage. This is quite impressive for a company without an established, long-term liquidity provider connection and in the context of an extremely volatile market environment.

Those, of course, are the secondary instruments that perform very well. TFF really shines in currency trading and has recently announced it will implement even better conditions.

For most of the major pairs, you will be able to open position 0.0 pips. Their main goal with this approach was to recreate the well-loved conditions of IC Markets. On a few symbols, TFF even gets above those conditions. Since helping traders is TFF’s main interest, it provides them with the best conditions and helps them reach new highs when profitable.

True Forex Funds does not currently have short-term plans for improving on other symbols largely because TFF’s IT team will focus only on new designs and features. These include but are not limited to:

 – Detailed statistics on your trading performance

 – Automated withdrawal request

– Funded traders KYC

 – Automated certificates

 – Leaderboard

 etc. etc.

TFF’s IT team is prioritizing the features and designs mentioned above. Their goal is to ensure that traders are satisfied with forex spreads.

TFF’s small profit target, no minimum day requirements, refundable fee, and excellent spreads on a diverse range of products are the feature that make this an all-in-one trader funding solution.

Traders get paid 80% of their profit split every two weeks. By keeping accounts flat and requesting a payout, funds will be transmitted via Deel (which is a great payment method) or they can choose other payment options. In our trader experience, payments were always made on time and withdrawals from Deel were exceedingly simple. We have used Deel with several other funded trading companies and it is by far our favorite payment method within the space.

In conclusion, TFF is a real business providing a legitimate route for traders to take on additional trading capital. TFF’s offering is quite appealing and the costs are competitive relative to what is available on the market. It is a great firm particularly for undercapitalized traders seeking capital for their trading given that it offers: Funding from $10,000 up to $40,000 per trader, strategy in balance before scaling up, a high 80% profit split, bi-weekly payments, and relaxed trading roles.

We recommend True Forex Funds for anyone who has been consistent with their trading performances for some time period but is now looking to scale up their capital. While TFF is still a relatively new firm, it offers great conditions suitable for different styles of trading.

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Working Together to Achieve Excellence!

As a proprietary trading firm, we are only as good as our traders. This is why we developed our unique Dashboard. Take a look at how it can unlock our trusted client’s expertise and foster outstanding growth – with data and statistics of overall performance.

Built-in trading objectives, historical outlook, timestamps and constructive features contribute to this all-inclusive panel. All information is derived from the True Forex Funds trading account to the Dashboard for a user-friendly experience, examination and comprehensive insights.

Our program consists of two options for the Evaluation Process: One Phase and Two Phase Funding. After successfully completing one of these processes, traders can receive benefits from the Funded Program.

Upon completing the Trading Objectives of either phase, our clients receive a guided notification in their dashboard about their success. All trades must be closed to pass. Furthermore, no more trading is required on the account.

We will be immediately notified as soon as the account met our criteria and we will verify it before granting access for the following stage.

In terms of Two Phase Evaluation process, the lead time may vary, but after verification, the new account login credentials are frequently sent in 1 business day for Phase 2; and in 1-2 business days for the Funded account.

In short, our traders only need to plan ahead for their next trades, while we handle back-office administrative and support services.

True Forex Funds provides its clients demo accounts with virtual funds. By virtue of custom, this solution gives broad freedom to deliberately manage risk.

All accounts are simulated to imitate real trading conditions. This is necessary to prepare for the Funded Program since our clients have to face the possibilities of the real markets and not only take advantage of demo accounts in simulated environments.

Our integrated technology bridge the gap between surreal expectations and practical reality.

Through the preparation procedure, our clients rightfully embrace the big picture of trading in live conditions while we look ahead to welcome them into the Funded Program.

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