UProfit Review 2024


The popularity of proprietary trading firms is on the rise, a result of their undisputedly attractive basis: offering traders access to capital with which to trade in financial markets.

Most prop firms have a similar foundation, but you’ll find subtle differences in how they work as each firm tries to set itself apart from the rest by offering better trading conditions than their competition.

UProfit stands out as an attractive futures prop firm who emphasise their commitment to providing traders with the essential resources for success. In this comprehensive review of the firm, we look at the firm’s offerings, the variety of account sizes that traders can choose from, UProfit’s rules and regulations, and the quality of their customer support. For a thorough understanding of whether UProfit can meet your trading needs, read on.

UProfit is a prop firm located in Texas, United States, with a dedicated and well-informed team helping you grow your career as a profitable trader. For traders seeking to step their trading up to the next level and trade with more capital, UProfit provide all the support you need.

UProfit have created a streamlined verification system with just one phase. They provide traders with capital of up to $200,000 and offer futures trading products from CME, COMEX, CBOT and NYMEX. The firm is well-regarded for their user-friendly evaluation process, attractive profit shares and adaptable approach, which enables them to meet the requirements of a variety of traders, regardless of their preferred trading style, budget, and experience level. To get funded and start trading with a Live Account, traders need to pass UProfit’s evaluation stage.

It’s crucial that traders bear in mind that futures trading is by its nature risky and make sure they fully understand what these risks are and how they can mitigate them.

UProfit, despite its lack of formal licensing and regulation by financial authorities, voluntarily adheres to the robust regulatory standards of the United States. Favourable reviews of the firm and the high regard in which it is held across the industry bolster our perception of UProfit as a legitimate and trustworthy firm.

However, it’s crucial to emphasise that the absence of formal oversight implies that prop trading firms, including UProfit, don’t necessarily adhere to the typical security levels associated with traditionally regulated financial institutions. The unique model of prop trading firms, in which the firm itself provides trading capital, adds further complexity. Traders should bear this difference in mind when it comes to analysing the overall risk of trading with a prop firm.

In this next section we’ll go into the details of UProfit’s evaluation challenge: what tests you’ll need to navigate to qualify for a Funded Trading Account and how the associated registration fees are structured. Read on to get to grips with UProfit’s process and what financial commitments you’ll need to make to partner with the firm.

The primary aim of UProfit’s evaluation is to test traders’ strategies and consistency in the futures market, without them having to risk their personal capital. The firm’s evaluation is a simple one-phase program, with an account size to cater for a diverse range of traders who have different amounts of experience and preferred trading strategies. Accounts start as low as $9,000, with a further four accounts, the largest of which is $200,000.

Traders who successfully complete their evaluation qualify for a Live Account and can get trading straight away. There’s a Reset Account feature which enables traders who break a rule – or would like to adjust their account balance – to restart their evaluation from the beginning. Helpfully, this option can be used as many times as you like.

In summary, UProfit’s fees and account balance options fare well when examined alongside the competition.

UProfit provides five unique evaluation programs, which we examine in detail below. All programs have a minimum requirement of five trading days.

The Basic Plan:

  • Account: $9,000
  • Monthly Fee: $89 (until funded)
  • Ideal for: traders with little experience looking to find their footing in the futures market.
  • Profit Target: $900
  • Contracts: maximum five (50 micros)
  • Daily Loss Limit: $350
  • Pro Drawdown: $800

The Basic Plan is the perfect entry point into futures trading. Using a fully funded account, newcomers can practice and enhance their skills with a lower level of risk. The profit target and contract limits are set to facilitate an understanding of trading fundamentals before moving on to more advanced strategies.

The Advanced Plan:

  • Account: $50,000
  • Monthly Fee: $160 (until funded)
  • Perfect for: traders with more experience looking to generate bigger profits.
  • Profit Target: $2,500
  • Contracts: maximum six (60 micros)
  • Daily Loss Limit: $1,100
  • Pro Drawdown: $2,000

The Freedom Program:

  • Account: $30,000
  • Monthly Fee: $196 (until funded)
  • Ideal for: traders who value independence and flexibility, as the name implies. This unique program is the only one without a daily loss limit or drawdown.
  • Profit Target: $1,500
  • Contracts: maximum two
  • Daily Loss Limit: $0
  • Max Loss: $1,000

The Premium Plan:

  • Account: $200k
  • Monthly Fee: $580 (until funded)
  • Perfect for: the best qualified traders who want to further enhance their futures trading skills.
  • Profit Target: $10,000
  • Contracts: maximum 20 (200 micros)
  • Daily Loss Limit: $4,000
  • Pro Drawdown: $5,000

The Freedom Program 2.0:

  • Account: $150k
  • Monthly Fee: $525 (until funded)
  • This is the one and only futures program in the market without a drawdown, only with a minimum account balance of $145,000.
  • Profit Target: $7,500
  • Contracts: maximum eight
  • Daily Loss Limit: $2,500
  • Pro Drawdown: $5,000

So, you can see that UProfit offers a diverse range of options to cater to all trading needs. Choose the plan that works for your experience level and trading goals…then embark on your trading journey!

In order to prove that you can trade profitably and consistently, UProfit’s evaluation programs have a few objectives you need to meet. One of these is the profit target, which is determined as a percentage of your account size (either 5%, 6% or 10%).

Another critical rule traders need to follow is staying within the Maximum Daily Loss Limit, which is 2% across all programs. While UProfit doesn’t explicitly detail a specific figure for Maximum Overall Loss, traders can infer this value from the daily loss limits and drawdown rules of their chosen account.

Do be aware that meeting all the objectives is a prerequisite for qualifying for a Live Trading Account. Failure to fulfil even one will result in the cancellation of the evaluation, and traders will have to reset it and start again.

Traders have to trade for at least five days before they qualify for a Live Funded Account, regardless of which evaluation account they choose. Notably, there is no maximum limit on trading days at UProfit, meaning traders’ monthly subscriptions continue to remain active until they either move on to an Active Account or opt to end their subscription.

Following the completion of UProfit’s evaluation, traders are given their Funded Account, which is normally activated in the space of a few business days. Bear in mind that the conditions and balance of the funded account will mirror those of the test level for which the trader qualified. Any trader aiming to transition to a larger account must start the evaluation process again, this time with the account balance they are looking to trade with.

UProfit allow their traders to retain 100% of the initial profits they generate, and an 80% share thereafter. The firm provides a scaling plan.

UProfit offers access to a diverse array of futures products from major exchanges, encompassing CME, COMEX, CBOT, and NYMEX. The available products include:

🏦CME Equity Futures
🖇️E-mini S&P 500 (ES)
🖇️E-mini NASDAQ 100 (NQ)
🖇️E-mini Russell 2000 (RTY)
🖇️Nikkei NKD (NKD)
🖇️Micro E-mini S&P 500 (MES)
🖇️Micro E-mini NASDAQ 100 (MNQ)
🖇️Micro E-mini Russell 2000 (M2k)

🏦CME FX Futures
🖇️British Pound (6B)
🖇️Canadian $ (6C)
🖇️Australian $ (6A)
🖇️Euro FX (6E)
🖇️Japanese Yen (6J)
🖇️E-mini Euro FX (E7)
🖇️Swiss Franc (6S)

🌾🌱CME Agricultural Futures
🖇️Live Cattle (LE)*
🖇️Lean Hogs (HE)*

🌾🌱CME CBOT Agricultural Futures
🖇️Soybean (ZS)*
🖇️Soybean Meal (ZM)*
🖇️Soybean Oil (ZL)*
🖇️Corn (ZC)*
🖇️Wheat (ZW)*

🏦 CME CBOT Interest Rates
🖇️2-Year T-Note (ZT)
🖇️5-Year T-Note (ZF)
🖇️10-Year T-Note (ZN)
🖇️Ultra-10-Year Note (TN)
🖇️30 Year T-Bond (ZB)
🖇️Ultra-Bond (UB)
🖇️Eurodollar (GE)

🏦CME CBOT Equity Futures
🖇️E-Mini DOW (YM)
🖇️Micro E-Mini DOW (MYM)

🏦CME COMEX Futures
🖇️Silver (SI)
🖇️Copper (HG)
🖇️Gold (GC)
🖇️Micro Gold (MGC)

🏦CME NYMEX Futures
🖇️Crude Oil (CL)
🖇️E-mini Crude Oil (QM)
🖇️Natural Gas (GN)
🖇️E-mini Natural Gas (QG)

UProfit does not explicitly detail commissions for trading futures, but they do outline the costs for each contract: $5 for each E-Mini contract (separated into $2.50 for entry and $2.50 for exit) and $1 for each Micro E-Mini contract (divided as $0.50 for entry and $0.50 for exit).

It seems that UProfit do not provide their traders with leverage. Traders use the funds available in their account balance to trade, i.e. the account balance itself is the traders’ buying power.

UProfit collaborates with NinjaTrader as its preferred platform, and this is included for free with both the evaluation and Live Account. NinjaTrader’s charting and market analytics features are designed to assist traders in simulating real market conditions, enhancing their trading experience.

Additionally, UProfit supports platforms powered by Rithmic, including RTrader and RTrader Pro. RTrader serves as a real-time risk management app, offering traders detailed market analysis in real-time. This empowers traders to gain a comprehensive understanding of potential risks and implement measures to reduce potential losses. The Pro version of RTrader comes with enhanced features such as improved charts and automation.

UProfit does not appear to impose any restrictions on the use of EAs, bots or algorithms, and the firm does not list any strategy limitations. Slippage is recognised as a factor in futures trading with UProfit, highlighting the potential impact of the difference between expected and actual execution prices, particularly when market liquidity is low.

However, for the latest and most accurate details of UProfit’s trading conditions, we advise you refer to directly to the firm (via their website) in case they have made any updates or modified their trading conditions.

UProfit seem to provide a variety of promotions throughout the year, such as UProfit Coupons and discounts. These promotions are often time-limited, so we advise traders to keep track of what’s going on to seize opportunities as and when they arise.

UProfit have some key rules, designed to keep their traders focused, motivated and performing at the top of their game. We go into the details below:

  • Active trading days: During the evaluation, traders must trade for at least ten days.
  • Trading hours: Traders need to ensure they finish all trades on the day they started, as holding trades overnight is not permitted by UProfit. Trading the news, on the other hand, is allowed.
  • Daily loss limit and drawdown: Each UProfit account is associated with its own maximum trailing drawdown and daily loss limit. The firm has adopted a practice of updating the drawdown at the conclusion of each trading day, which allows traders to begin every day anew without worrying about the previous day’s figures.
  • Respect your size: UProfit traders are required to adhere to the maximum position size that their account stipulates – surpassing the maximum contract size or exceeding loss limits can result in the liquidation of the account. However, in such a situation, traders do have the option of paying $99 to reset their account.
  • Data feed inclusion: Rest easy about data feed expenses – they are included in the initial account fees, so you won’t find any surprise costs.
  • All-important qualifications: Having a robust trading strategy is crucial when it comes to succeeding in the evaluation. The UCT futures trading course provides a wealth of educational materials, as well as customised coaching, to ensure you pass first time.

UProfit caters to a diverse group of trading enthusiasts. If any of the below resonate with you, this could be the firm for you.

  • Industry entrants: Individuals venturing into the trading sphere for the first time will discover that UProfit’s Basic Plan serves as the ideal starting point. It provides a user-friendly entry for those still acquainting themselves with the nuances of futures trading.
  • Profit seekers: Traders with a focus on achieving substantial profits may find the Advanced Plan tailored to their needs. Geared towards those with a bit more experience, it’s designed for accumulating more significant gains.
  • Revenue pursuers: If a steady income stream is your goal, check out UProfit’s Elite Plan, meticulously crafted for traders seeking to derive substantial revenue from their trading prowess.
  • Maximisation enthusiasts: Traders who like to give it their all will be most at home with the Premium Plan, an account designed for hardcore traders with one aim: maximising profits swiftly and efficiently.

Traders partnering with UProfit can choose from several different payment methods, all of which are free from extra processing fees. Furthermore, the firm prides itself on swift payouts, typically processing them within a 24-hour window. Traders have the flexibility to request payouts right from the start, with a minimum requirement of $100.

According to UProfit’s Help Centre, withdrawals are processed from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays) within a 24-hour timeframe. Traders looking to request a payout should get in touch with the payouts department through email, giving their live account number, full name and how much they would like to withdraw. The available payment options include:

  • Bank transfer
  • Revolut
  • PayPal
  • Wise
  • Coinbase
  • Binance
  • Payoneer

All of the first $8,000 profit you make is yours to keep, and the profit split thereafter is 80/20. Do be aware, though, that if you seek a withdrawal in the first 40 days, you will only receive 50% of the profits, with the rest held by the firm as a security measure.

  • Well-regarded in the industry
  • Simple, transparent rules
  • Access to as much as $200,000 in capital
  • Upfront fees with no hidden surprises
  • Excellent pricing
  • Focused exclusively on futures trading
  • Traders are limited to two accounts

UProfit introduces a range of enticing programs designed to accommodate a variety of traders, from newcomers venturing into the world of futures for the first time through to seasoned professionals.

Traders can open multiple accounts, enabling them to separate their trading strategies effectively, with different accounts for different purposes, such as short-term day trading, long-term investing, and experimental strategies. The process of managing, funding, and switching between accounts has been nicely streamlined.

Moreover, UProfit empowers traders with strong risk management tools geared towards minimising potential losses. Features like setting stop losses and take profit orders, negative balance protection and two-factor authentication for better account security contribute to providing traders with a sense of ease and confidence.

Overall, we see UProfit as a convincing option for anyone looking to unleash their full potential as a profitable funded futures trader. With adaptable account options, advanced risk management tools and the flexibility to engage in news trading, UProfit provides a comprehensive trading solution. Click here to register for an account and set off on your journey to successful futures trading!

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Uprofit Trader gives you the opportunity to trade multiple instruments within the CME, NYMEX, COMEX, and CBOT.

If you exceed your daily loss limit during an open trade, your position will automatically close and your account will also be closed ☠️

📌 Please note that the daily loss limit includes fees and commissions, so it is very important to monitor it directly on the RTrader platform.

📌If at any time you reach or exceed your account’s DLL, don’t worry! Remember that you can reset it by applying a Reset🔁. Find more information about Reset here.

The Pro Drawdown is only updated when the account balance reaches a new high at the end of a trading day 📈

This Drawdown 📉 calculation method allows our users to act freely and take advantage of trading opportunities. All this without worrying about a trailing drawdown counting realized and unrealized winnings.

📌You can track your Pro Drawdown from your dashboard🎛️at the end of each trading day.

📌Don’t forget that the market closes at 4:10 PM ET.

If at any time during the day your account balance falls below the Pro Drawdown 📉, your account will be closed💀

🚨The account balance must not show a loss greater than the Pro Drawdown at any time during the trading day.

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